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A Break From Blogging

When I started this blog, I wanted to blog regularly, it was an outlet for me to make sense of my feelings and what’s going on in my life. However, there was a spell when I spent so much time arranging blogging opportunities with other people that it became more about the deadlines rather than a hobby.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, I lost the meaning of my blog over the last year, my mental health plummeted and I didn’t even know who I was anymore nevermind trying to keep up a presence online focussed on the things I loved.

How can I have a blog about the things I love as a hobby if I don’t even know who I am or what I love? I began to keep track of how long it was between blog posts with a constant worry that I wasn’t blogging and that I was giving up on another thing, yet again when I should have just taken a break.

I’ve been speaking a lot recently about thing’s I’ve learned in 2017. Another thing I learned in 2017 is that it’s okay not to be okay and to take a break from things, in fact, things can improve if you take a break from time to time.

When you work in the media, study in media and put yourself in the media, there can be a pressure to keep going. The media industry feels at times like it has to be go-go-go all day long, all week long, all year long.

I’ve watched the people I admire in the public eye get criticised when there’s no video, music, project, whatever it may be from them. I’ve watched people I admire in the media feel pressured to be perfect online or pressured into continuing to create content all year around no matter what.

If you are reading this and are feeling that pressure: It’s okay to take a break from certain things or even everything that you are working on. It’s okay to rethink things, it’s okay to change your end goal.

It was only when I took a break for the most part from this blog in the second half of 2017, I began to breathe properly again without constantly worrying about the next piece of content.

When your passion or hobby becomes a chore that you dread, that’s when it’s time to take a break. It’s better to put your sanity first.

In 2018, I’m not going to chase after every little sponsorship, collab and free products in exchange for a blog post. I was chasing after these things so much that I lost interest in simply blogging about what I was interested in and as a result, I feel my content got significantly worse.

This isn’t a dig at anyone I worked with in 2017 for my blog, not at all. It’s a dig at my past self, yes I enjoyed these opportunities but I put more time into gaining them and less thought into what interested me. 2018 will be a very different year in terms of content.

I’m focussing on myself and what I want and that’s not just blogging-wise. I’m focussing on those career goals I’ve been too scared to pursue and I hope that by the end of 2018 I can actually say I’ve gone after some of my dreams.

I hope to be back to regular blogging in 2018 but one thing the last two years has taught me is that you never know what’s to come, things can change so easily and I think I’m becoming better at adapting to change than I used to be.

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Why I Don’t Like Christmas

Trigger Warning: Difficult family/death

Just writing the blog title makes me cringe. I feel the pressure that because Christmas is meant to be a happy and joyful time of year for many, that I have no right to voice my opinion about my dislike for Christmas.

With that being said, I remember one of the rules I had when I started this blog: I didn’t want to lie on my own blog. I know the word ‘lies’ is in my blog’s name but it totally wasn’t intended for lying here. It was intended to express the lies I tell myself or more often than not these days: the lies my anxiety tells me. It wasn’t put there to lie to my audience.

A post like this is probably always going to be a bit risky at a time of year which most people love and celebrate so this is why I chose to upload this after Christmas.

I must have stopped enjoying Christmas when I was about 15 years old. I also wouldn’t be surprised if it was the same year when I stopped wanting to celebrate my birthday.

Now, about Christmas: I have never once tried to make others, not like Christmas, I just don’t.

This year is the first year since moving to Scotland that I won’t be going to my grans for Christmas dinner. My gran just isn’t well enough to cook food for four people.

I suppose the first stab in the heart that led to me not enjoying Christmas dates back to 2009. Let’s set the scene: A few days before Christmas, myself and my Dad are excited to see my uncle on our trip to London.

Roll on the 27th December, we are on a train to London, my Dad seems upset but not willing to talk, I know something is wrong.

Once I arrive in London, I get told that my uncle died exactly one day before. You see, my uncle had cancer, he died the day before we were going to visit him. We never even got to say goodbye to someone who was so important to us.

Now, that’s not the only reason I dislike Christmas. Over the years, I have become better at learning the triggers to my mental health. One such trigger is the winter weather. Until Christmas, I can keep myself occupied and I have people to talk to but then on Christmas, everyone I know is having a family day with their family.

My Christmas normally results in my gran getting very drunk and then shouting verbal abuse at me while I am expected to take it and my grandad tells me I have to take it because my gran gives me money for my birthday’s and Christmases.

My gran hasn’t always been the most supportive member of my family, but it comes out the most at Christmas. You can feel free to judge me for being happy I don’t need to spend my Christmas with her if you want but for me, everything in my life hurts the most at Christmas.

There are a lot of other reasons why I don’t like Christmas but then this blog post would become too long to read.

What I’m saying is, if you take one thing from this blog post: please don’t expect that everyone adores Christmas. Some people have lost loved ones, or others have to spend the day miserable. There could be loads of other reasons they just don’t feel comfortable telling you.

Don’t assume it’s because they are a Scrooge that doesn’t like to have fun. Over the years, I’ve tried so hard to love Christmas like everyone else seems to do but that’s not me and that’s not the type of person I feel I can be and please don’t judge me for that.

If you love Christmas, I hope you had an amazing Christmas filled with happy memories and special time with your family. I’m glad that this is a time of year which you enjoy and are happy at but please never try to force others into loving Christmas if they don’t.

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17 Things I Learned in 2017

Another year is over, another year begins. Let’s start the year with what I learned from 2017 since it was certainly a tough year.

  1. A happier life starts when you cut the snakes 🐍 out of your life (AKA the toxic people.)

  2. NEVER sacrifice your happiness for your career.

  3. Just because someone is older than you, doesn’t make them more responsible or more grown up.

  4. Just because someone is older than you, doesn’t mean they have got their life together.

  5. When a toxic person can no longer control you, they will try and control what other people think of you – rise above it.

  6. No need for revenge or being petty towards the people who screw you over, they always get what they deserve.

  7. If someone puts your safety at risk then they are NOT your friend no matter how much you convince yourself they are.

  8. If someone lies to you and then lies some more when you confront them, let them go, they are NOT worth your time.

  9. Don’t actively search for friends and people who care about you. The ones who ACTUALLY care will come looking for you and will find a way to stay.

  10. Hold onto the ones who matter, let go of the snakes 🐍

  11. You can’t change other people’s minds about anything so don’t try.

  12. Toxic people won’t notice that they are hurting you until you cause them some inconvenience, they aren’t worth it.

  13. Stay silent, eventually, other people will see through the snakes 🐍bullshit just like you did and if they don’t, they aren’t worth having around.

  14. My anxiety is NEVER right about ANYTHING. Neither is YOUR anxiety. NEVER LISTEN TO ANXIETY.

  15. Even when you think no one cares about you, there will be someone waiting to prove you wrong.

  16. ALWAYS back up draft blog posts as WordPress has a tendency to delete them after you’ve spent a great deal of time on them.

  17. Your mental health is more important than anything else, put this first, everything else will wait and will improve when you are well.

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Take Mental Health Seriously

I wasn’t going to share this, however, I have always considered myself a mental health advocate and a firm believer in people being able to talk about it.

In the past couple of months, my anxiety has been at an all-time high. I have a lot going on with my mental health. This includes random anxiety attacks which I cannot predict which causes me lots of distress at the time.

Sometimes a trigger for an anxiety attack can be crowds of people. Tonight at about 9pm, I was standing at a bus stop with my Dad after coming out of the cinema waiting for the bus home.

There were people everywhere when I felt that oh too familiar rush to the heart, the temperature and the watching everyone around me thinking they were out to harm me.

Of course, this probably wasn’t the case but anxiety listens to no one. My best option when I’m having an anxiety attack is to get out of that situation. I was unable to do that at this point so I resulted trying to find my own standing place where I could tune into the music on my iPod and find a mental place to calm down.

Now, just because you can’t see mental health, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. What happened next, when I was at my most distressed, there was a woman sat on the bus that was currently pulled in at the bus stop.

I’m not going into descriptions here as they do not matter but she was sat on this bus, with another adult and two children while pointing me out to the other woman and the children and laughing at me and making fun of me to them.

At what point does this woman consider that she is essentially teaching children to pick on people for their flaws?

Just because you can’t see mental health, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. I hope that woman never has to experience mental health or anxiety.


My Anxiety is like a storm that rages in when it wants without warning.


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Hunting Angels Box Set Review: Conrad Jones

I bring you another book review that I am very excited to be reviewing! Today I will be reviewing my first ever box set! Yes, that’s right, you heard me!

I will be talking about two books in a box set: Dark Angel & A Child For The Devil. If you like supernatural reads, then this is one for you!

Less than a paragraph in, I can already find myself relating to the main character in the sense of a drunken night out which I have later regretted after the hang over it caused me but which I would still induce to have a good time.

The first person that the character in the prologue meets seems dodgy. There is something about her that straight away you get the sense that something doesn’t quite add up. Bearing in mind what the covers (above) look like, your mind begins to whirl with many different possibilities as to who she could be & what her intentions are. None of them good.

And this is correct. The author tells a story that is easy to follow but without giving too much away until you develop further into the story.

One thing I love right from the start is that the box set contains facts about disappearances that make you think about the world. You can tell that Conrad researched the area well before writing the series.

The story falls together easily & gives a real, honest insight into the way an author feels when writing a book even though it is fiction.

Through the box set, we see the sad reality that is true in the modern word: people often get judged on their looks rather than their abilities & personalities. Something I believe we need to work on changing.

Another sad reality that is present is the sad image of what was considered a mental health hospital in the past. I’m glad so much has changed in the treatment of mental health but we still have so much change to go!

I relate to the main character in the sense that I also can’t tolerate bullshit. I know when someone is lying & won’t stand for it. I once told a teacher in high school to piss off after she falsly accused me of lying then when I proved I wasn’t, she was rude to me. She never made that mistake again! However, my high school disobedience is a different story.

The story highlights how easy it would be to pin a crime on someone who didn’t do it simply based on their looks.

The scariest bit about this box set is that all the facts add up. As I am reading, I have been checking a few of the facts on the internet & they are correct. It makes you question how much fiction is actually in this book which sends a shiver down my spine.

In a way, I begin to worry as if I will now be hunted down after reading this (half jokingly.)

Even the possibility that the goth music & culture influences young people are something which is claimed by many people in this day & age, whether to believe them is another story.

This was quite a scary box set to read as so much indicated to the truth, however, it was really interesting & easy to follow.

4 out of 5 stars

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Creative Insight

Creative, that’s what I am, Creative that’s always my plan. From as long as I can remember, I have been very creative. I have been full of a vivid imagination that would often get me in trouble as a child when I am caught looking out the window & looking as though I am not paying attention. My teacher would then ask me to tell her what she just said & I would recite it perfectly clearly showing I was listening but daydreaming at the same time.

I’ve always loved drawing, from when I was a young child I would sit in appointments drawing fireworks. I was a quiet child & for some reason, drawing fireworks at every single appointment comforted me. My psychologist then linked this to my feelings & said that it signified the way I was feeling which I guess was probably true.

I remember in the second year of high school, we were given a drawing task where we had to fill up a picture using small dots. Most the students made massive dots & didn’t really care. However, I spent hours on this till it was just perfect & even got praised for my effort when I handed in my homework!

Roll on to either third or fourth year of high school & this sees me joining a regular art group of which I have now been attending ever since! I enjoy getting to make all sorts of art from prints to canvas bags to clay work.

It doesn’t just stop there. Throughout school, I got involved in the radio station based right outside my school. From there, I discovered a love & passion for creating content on radio. I have never been comfortable trying to put myself in front of a camera, but I can most certainly put myself behind a microphone!

This has followed to me then going to college followed by the University. I have since organised a journalism competition which allowed me to work with companies such as The Daily Record, The Scottish Sun & the National Union of Journalists. Through this, I was able to put my creative skills to the test when designing promotional material & other resources for the competition!

I run a regular radio show, I write this blog & have applied my creative skills to all aspects of my life. I am also an event steward for a security company now. I am a creative person through & through & couldn’t just settle for a boring administration job where I didn’t get to use my skills!

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scooby doo

Credit: Picture was taken by Project Ability (my art group) of a piece of work I made which featured in an exhibition.


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General Election June 2017

Now, this is probably going to be a once in a lifetime blog post. I don’t tend to ever post about politics & I don’t even have an interest in politics. I only know the bare minimum about politics, enough to know that it will affect me in some way. The way I voted is reflective of the only party I believe in, SNP: Scottish National Party.

Now, this isn’t a blog post to argue about the right & wrong of each party. This blog post is also not intending to cause argument, simply just state my opinion.

We live in a harsh world, but I was hoping that I would wake up to the positive news: that the Conservatives hadn’t won. I got fed up watching the election, so went to my bed early to wake up to the devastating news. Not only that, I suddenly realised the lengths the Conservatives would go to stay in power.

Now, I honestly think Conservatives were the wrong choice: there seems to be something for everyone from every walks of life which this party are doing against the people of the UK. Yet, there were still people who voted for them.

DUP – a party those not in Ireland will know little about, but here’s just a few eye-openers on the situation. The way I look at this situation: this is a party which are discriminatory against people with disabilities as well as gay rights, a party in which Theresa May is happy to get into bed with just to keep her position in power. There are a lot of things they just don’t tell us as they know we wouldn’t like them & that’s the sad truth.

This honestly makes me question: what type of government are we supporting if we allowed this to continue? It’s like some people in the UK want to make themselves suffer.

Conservatives you ask? The conservatives who paid Microsoft money to continue to run patches for Windows XP just so their computers didn’t need to be upgraded? In reality, it would have been cheaper in the long run. The conservatives who want to take away free school meals for our countries children? The conservatives who while under Margaret Thatcher took away free milk for the UK’s children?

The conservatives who changed junior doctor contracts to impose longer working hours on them? The same party who introduced Snooper’s Charter which allowed them to hack your iPhone, laptop and other personal technological equipment without your knowledge?

Not forgetting, the plans to get rid of maintenance grants for university students, therefore holding back many students & even forcing them into not going to university. They also significantly cut disability benefits which would take 200,000 people off the disability registers. In 2015, the conservatives committed electoral fraud by unlawfully breaching election spending.

Under a Tory government, British workers have received an increasing amount of fall in wage value. Since 2010, the Tories have been constantly taking money out of the NHS budget, therefore, causing many hospitals & hospital services to close. Then NHS recruitment process is also declining under the conservatives as well as disabled people suffering massively under the Tories.

Since 2010, child poverty has risen by 400,000 children which are set to increase with even more child welfare cuts under a Tory government. If Tory plans continue, the poorer you are, the harsher the cuts will be. Those with children will be hit even harder than this.

Not to mention, housing will become more unaffordable, more expensive rail services, schools will become even more underfunded & lifetimes of unpayable debt for students when they graduate. Fire services are also seeing massive cuts, therefore putting us at risk of even more house fire deaths. Having known people who survived house fires, this disgusts me. Nearly forgetting the policing cuts putting us in even more danger of crime.

Our government could also say bye bye to our basic human rights if this drama continues. Are you forgetting that bedroom tax that families can’t even afford? Are you forgetting they are getting rid of housing benefit for 18-21-year-olds? School funding cuts? The benefit cuts for the sick who are unable to work?

Another one that makes me beyond angry: Rape victims now have to PROVE their ordeal? Yes, you heard me right. Really? This is the party some of us voted for OUR government time & time again! They are being forced to provide an 8-page form with references & evidence otherwise they are being told they are lying about the rape? This makes me beyond outraged!

Apparently, £450,000 thousand pound homes are affordable for us all, you heard me right. They have also got rid of inheritance tax for the rich & plan laws which make hospitals check for passports then charge up-front if not eligible for free NHS.

They have also drastically reduced the number of mental health beds available in a crisis. I know for a fact that if I hadn’t been admitted to hospital & got the help I desperately needed that I most likely would not be alive today. Therefore, this is putting people’s lives at risk.

After all this, I am completely shocked that people would still want to vote for this party. I didn’t know all this information before this blog post, but it wasn’t difficult to find.

Before you vote in the next election, PLEASE do your research. Do you research about all the party’s before you make a decision as what you are being told directly by the parties isn’t always the honest truth & in recent years they have certainly gone back to a lot of things which were promised!

This blog post was never intended to start an argument, the aim was to hopefully enlighten some people’s opinions on politics & the conservative party & to make people think more about who & what they are voting in favour of.

Any negative comments will be removed & not allowed on my blog.