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April Favourites


Picture credit: Emma Blackery who is mentioned in this blog post.

Favourite videos are something I have seen many of my favourite vloggers do on their Youtube channels but is something I never thought I could turn into a blog post myself. For once I actually have quite a large list of favourite products in one month so I will share them for the first time in no particular order.

  1. Mallow & Marsh vanilla marshmallows coated in milk chocolate – these are an absolute FAVOURITE that I’ve just discovered this month. Great for studying in the uni library as they don’t crunch when you munch! Buy here: Vanilla Mallow & Marsh.

  2. Mallow & Marsh raspberry marshmallows coated in 70% dark chocolate – for when you want to mix the first one up a bit. Buy here: Raspberry Mallow & Marsh.

  3. Rub, Rub, Rub shower scrub – This is a MUST and it has such a soothing smell. Thank Emma Blackery for introducing this to me as she mentioned it in a video. Buy it here: Rub, Rub, Rub Purchase.

  4. Grammarly chrome extension – a browser extension added to chrome which identifies wrong grammar and spelling on anything I write on the internet and suggests the corrections. I hate grammar and I am also really bad at it so this is a life saver! Sign up and add for free here: Grammarly

  5. “Nothing Without You” song by Emma Blackery. Yes, I had to include this! Listen here: Spotify or here: YouTube.

  6. Speaking about music, I can’t forget Hard Times, the latest release by Paramore. Listen here: Spotify or here: YouTube. I had to include this since I’ve had it on non-stop repeat since it’s release!

  7. Hero Wars Facebook game – I play this game EVERY day – check it out on Facebook!

  8. White Russian cocktails – I know there may be people who read this and don’t drink but near the beginning of the month I went on a rare night out with my uni friends to a lovely bar which had white Russians on reduced price and I already loved them. I drank more of these that night than anything else! I also find it exhilarating to watch them making them since they set them on fire, I know I’m strange!

  9. Thai Sweet Chilli crisps by Sainsbury’s taste the difference. These are now my all time favourite crisps. Buy them here: Crisps

  10. Finally, Haagen-Dazs mango & raspberry ice cream. I tried this at the start of the month and it has overtaken Ben & Jerry’s as my favourite ice cream. Buy here: Ice Cream

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Top 10 Things I Learnt From The Media Industry

  1. You can send emails at weekends and evenings – you will often get replies at these times!

  2. If you want to work in media, you have to be willing to travel.

  3. A driving licence is preferred for a lot of media roles.

  4. You have to be flexible and willing to work at awkward times sometimes.

  5. It isn’t always about WHAT you know, more often WHO you know – word of mouth is a huge help in getting work experience.

  6. Take EVERY opportunity even if it’s not the area you are interested in, the media industry is VERY competitive so any experience will stand out.

  7. Even experience such as working in a shop or with children will be appropriate on a CV – It shows you have people skills and communication skills.

  8. ALWAYS carry a notebook EVERYWHERE you go! This is a big one, you never know when you will need to write this down

  9. Sometimes it pays off to do a google search and then email random companies in your area asking if they are offering work experience. You never know when something will come up!

  10. How to persist. More often than not, you will need to send multiple emails before you get a response – the media industry is a busy place with LOTS of emails for people to get through!

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Studying Tips – My Top 10


Recently I asked people what they would like to see more of on my blog and one thing which was voted for was posts about my University life so today I shall be sharing with you my top tips for studying at university.

When at university you are not going to be encouraged to get your work done like you are at school and college. You will be told about your assignments once and then expected to remember, no one will remind you to get them done.

Here are my top tips I have found that really help me to sit down and get the work done (when I’m not procrastinating):

  1. ALWAYS carry a pack of highlighters in your bag, you never know when they will come in handy!

  2. Don’t try to study with friends. You may think that you will get more work done if you work with a friend doing the same class. You may think that you can help each other. This NEVER works, only study with others if its a group project.

  3. Print outs. There’s a reason you get £15 print credit at the start of the year, USE IT. Print journals, even print study sheets to help you get organised. MOST if not all of your assignments will be uploaded online.

  4. Spotify focus playlists. YES that’s right, Spotify have a WHOLE section underneath the genres & moods section of their browse page. These have really helped me to get down and get the work done. They have different type of focus playlists such as concentration, revision, Intense studying, even reading playlists for all that required reading you have.

  5. The university library. Whenever I have work due that I really need to get done quickly, I head to the 3rd or 4th floor of my university library, the quiet zones. Our library computers BLOCK Facebook plus its a lot quieter than other computer spaces. If your library is always busy, try going at a different time, its often quieter in the mornings or evenings.

  6. Turn your phone off. There is nothing more distracting than trying to get uni work done and someone phoning or texting you and putting you off.

  7. ALWAYS carry a notebook. You never know when you will get a spare moment to get some ideas down, or get started on something, or even to make a to-do-list.

  8. NEVER do that procrastination trick where you tell yourself you will do one hour of whatever you want and then two hours of work, it NEVER happens. Before you know it, it’s 10pm at night and you haven’t done any work.

  9. Write a to-do-list of what needs done that week or month, then number those items in order of importance. Don’t do what I do which is do the easiest first as it may be the easiest but it is probably not the most important.

  10. Keep a calendar – include appointments AND assignment deadlines. More often than not have I forgotten a deadline & ended up causing unnecessary stress and rushing at last minute.

Have you got any tips I haven’t mentioned that help you study?

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