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Saving Money with Groupon Coupons!

Disclosure: I am being compensated for this post which is kindly sponsored by Groupon Coupons. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own and haven’t been influenced in any way.

It’s always nice to be able to save money on things all year around, not just in the January sales. I love to save money, whether its that 20% student discount off a nice new dress in clothes stores to 2 for 1 pizzas at Domino’s, its always nice to save money!

Groupon Coupons allows you to save money on anything from Domino’s to movie rentals to Starbucks to Hotels. This time of year is when money is tighter than normal, after buying Christmas presents for family and friends and even those last minute presents we may still be buying.

Groupon Coupons means you can save money on those things that you are already intending to buy or even treat yourself to discounted Domino’s once your Christmas shopping is complete!

You can purchase many different types of items from many different retailers while getting incredible deals offered through Groupon Coupons such as Blue Nile Coupons which offers various deals such as 40% off last minute gifts which would be perfect if you have a jewelry lover in your family that you would like to get a last minute present for. You save 40% off your purchase and someone you care about gets a lovely piece of jewelry that they can treasure forever.


To show how varied the range of Coupons are at Groupon Coupons you can also find that perfect gift for a sports lover or even treat yourself by visiting Tennis Express Coupons where you will find a total of 46 coupons currently where you can save money at Tennis Express. You can save 25% off clearance items or even 15% off sports shoes and apparel.

Groupon Coupons allows you to save money on more than just experiences. With such a wide variety of things you can save on from food to sports equipment to jewelry you are sure to be able to find that perfect present for someone or even that treat for yourself or that friend going through a hard time!

You can find Groupon at: Groupon Facebook and Groupon Twitter

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Save Money at Christmas with Groupon

Disclosure: I am being compensated for this post which is kindly sponsored by Groupon. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own and haven’t been influenced in any way.

Christmas is often a time of year which is dreaded by many adults who celebrate this season. Although the Christmas period can be a fun and festive time of year for families and friends, it doesn’t deny the fact that money is tighter at this time of year.

When it comes to Christmas shopping, some people are really prepared and buy all their gifts months in advance whereas other people like myself, wait until the last minute to buy it all!

Whether you are prepared or a last minute shopper, Groupon gives you the ability to save money on products you may already be buying. Groupon also allows you to browse categories of interest to find the perfect present for that family member who is difficult to please. You could then buy yourself a treat with the money you save!

Groupon is wonderful because it collects together a huge variety of goods all in one place from different companies and services meaning that you don’t have to spend hours searching for that perfect gift. Groupon also gives you the chance to save money on experiences and events.

Want to get a family member a small token to show how much you love them? Groupon has you covered. An example of a product I would consider purchasing as a Christmas gift would be the following t-shirt “Best Grandpa In the Galaxy.” The t-shirts are a simple but effective way of showing your loved ones how much they mean to you.


One of the things I love about Groupon Goods is the fact that a lot of the goods on their website are easily able to be customized. This may be from simply allowing you to choose a sizing of a product to having different designs of the product available. Through Groupon you get a 65% discount on this product that you wouldn’t normally get if you purchased with the retailer directly which is pretty awesome.

Groupon also allows you to purchase unique Groupon Goods that will mean a lot to friends and family. If you have that friend whom you want to buy a sentimental present for but you don’t have a lot of money to spend on them then Groupon is the place to go.

This bracelet is something I would seriously consider buying for a close friend of mine whom I feel would love the product. The product is simple but effective providing my friend with a sentimental memory of our friendship while being affordable. Groupon helps you to find great affordable goods for those closest to you, all collated into one site for convenience.


Groupon Goods also allow you to easily share them with your friends and family with just a few clicks. This is great if you know someone who has been looking to purchase a certain type of product, you can then link them to it directly. They will even save money. This product has a massive 88% off the retail price which you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Have that one friend or sibling that is a massive gamer? What about a child? Well you can even buy consoles, controllers and games for that inner gamer! This is a great way for parents to buy their kids Christmas presents. Although, an Xbox is pretty expensive, all savings add up. Even just being able to save a small amount on a purchase like this is a great relief to any parent who has a demanding and exhaustive Christmas list or multiple children to buy for.

Below in a simple Xbox 360 controller with a 30% discount. That is $15 of savings. Children break things really easy so the fact that parents can save 30% on a simple controller is a godsend if they end up needing to replace more in the future!


The goods that appear on Groupon Goods are wide and varied. You can purchase anything from Xbox controllers to bracelets to TV’s and beyond.

Why don’t you head to Groupon Goods to check out how much money you can save on presents this Christmas season?

You can also follow Groupon on social media at: Groupon Facebook and Groupon Twitter

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Get Paid to Sites that actually work!

Welcome to the second installment in “Get Paid to Sites that actually work!”

Last time I talked about my favourite Get Paid to Site that I have ever found to date: Treasure Trooper. To read about Treasure Trooper click here:

This time around I will be talking about another Get Paid to Site that has worked for me: Swagbucks.

You can sign up here:

Swagbucks is in a sense similar to Treasure Trooper whereas you complete surveys for money. In this case, for every survey/offer you complete you get so many virtual points which are referred to as “Swagbucks.” You collect and save these points until you have enough to exchange them for gift cards. You can receive all sorts of gift cards from amazon cards to Marks and Spencer’s cards to New Look cards. One of the things that makes Swagbucks unique and different from Treasure Trooper is the fact that you can get many different gift cards and not just money. It is flexible that if you want money, you can get Paypal gift cards which can then be transferred to your bank directly!

Now onto earning on Swagbucks:


Surveys are one of the best ways of earning on Swagbucks. Under the surveys tab you have a few different type of surveys. Gold surveys are typically higher paying but have fewer available. Partner Surveys are a similar concept and have more of these available. Peanut Labs surveys tend to be shorter surveys which you can get through easily enough for a guaranteed lower amount of Swagbucks.


You can watch all sorts of videos straight from your web browser. After watching so many videos in a series you will receive so many points for watching that group of videos. There are also 6 apps available where you can watch videos daily for points. These apps are: Entertainow, Lifesylz,, indymusic, sportly tv and Swagbucks TV. These apps will allow you to gain points for every 10 videos you watch to help you increase your earning on Swagbucks when you run out of surveys.


Would you like to get paid for searching the web? Yes, you heard me right. You can even earn Swagbucks simply for just searching the internet, simple as that. If you use Swagbucks dedicated search tool then every a few searches you may find a surprise bunch of Swagbucks! Once you find Swagbucks on search you simply enter the code and receive those Swagbucks. Every once in a while (normally for special events) Swagbucks will release a limited edition amount of collector bills. These are a bunch of bills you can find in a particular time frame by searching the web, if you find all of them in the time frame you will get a bonus amount of Swagbucks!


The Discover section of Swagbucks allows you to discover special offers that you can take part in such as free trials in order to get Swagbucks. NCrave supplies you with a list of videos to watch, you only need to watch 20 seconds of each video then when you get through the full list you earn Swagbucks and can get more videos to look through.

Swag Codes:

Every few days (usually) Swagbucks will release exclusive Swag Codes on their Facebook Page, these are codes which give you Swagbucks if entered in the correct time frame onto the main Swagbucks website Swag Code box or on the Swag button. The Swag button can be downloaded to your browser which alerts you when a new code is posted and you can also carry out some of the Swagbucks activities there too.

Shop and Earn:

You can earn Swagbucks as cashback when you shop online! There are big names available where you can connect to their sites through Swagbucks, then buy as you normally would and receive Swagbucks at no extra cost to put towards your next giftcard! With big names from Curries to Argos to The Body shop – there are many sites in partnership with Swagbucks which you probably already shop with. So if you are already planning to shop at a site, why not earn giftcards from it at no extra cost to yourself?

Daily Goal:

Everyday you will have a daily goal set by Swagbucks. If you earn the said amount of Swagbucks each day you will be given a daily bonus. At the beginning of the next month you will be able to claim this bonus. By meeting your daily goal each day, you can make a fair addition from bonuses.

Team Challenges:

Every few months (usually for special holidays) there are exclusive team challenges on Swagbucks. Team challenges allow you to sign up to a random team, then in a period of usually a week, you earn as you normally would on Swagbucks. Certain tasks listed on the team challenge will give you bonus team points at no cost to you. The team with the most points at the end of the week wins. The active participants from that team then receive a bonus in Swagbucks!

I hope I have covered most of the different earning chances on Swagbucks. If you are interested in signing up for Swagbucks you can sign up here through my refferal link:

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Get Paid to Sites that actually work!

So, I want to start a new element on my site. Since I am a student, I am often looking for new ways to earn online. Although, there are many scams out there! I would like to tell you about some of the legitimate get paid to sites that actually work! First and foremost, a legitimate site will NEVER ask you to pay to use it, be wary of sites that promise huge amounts of money in days or weeks, they are often scams! Also, you most likely won’t be able to live on earnings from get paid to sites alone, but the earnings can be a nice bonus to your monthly earnings!

The first site I want to talk about is the best get paid to site I have found to date. It is called Treasure Trooper and it is my favourite of the ones I have found. There are many different ways to earn on this site so I shall just list a few:

Cash Offers:

Cash Offers are where you will find offers you can complete to earn various different amounts of cash, many of these are free to complete, but some require you to purchase products or download apps, but you have total control over which offers you want to complete! I’m not going to lie, there are many more offers available to the US than other countries but that doesn’t mean you won’t find some good free offers or low paid ones. I myself am in the UK, and although there isn’t as much available to me as US, I have still got some good ones. The best free offers are daily survey cash offers, you can complete any of these surveys once a day and be rewarded, and these don’t charge you!


Under the cash surveys tab there are three different sections. 1) Survey Seeker 2) Study Storm and 3) Daily Surveys. Seekers and storms appear daily in which you can complete, the average seeker is worth either 50 cents or 75 cents each while the average storm can go from anything to 25 cents upwards. The highest paying study storm I have completed was worth about $4. You can complete unlimited amounts of survey seekers and study storms per day depending on how many are shown to you, you will not credit for every survey you are shown but you can earn a good amount here. Study Storm’s are harder to qualify for, but are worth it for the ones you do qualify for! Then there are daily surveys underneath survey seekers and study storms. There are 8 daily surveys that can be completed (this may vary per country, the US have all 8 displayed to them, while other countries don’t, I in the UK have 4 of the 8, it really does depend on country.) For whatever country you live in you will have some of them, for every daily survey you complete you get paid, most of them are worth 75 cents, while one is 50 cents and a couple $1. You can complete all of the daily surveys you get once per day, you can then build chains on all the daily surveys, the higher the chain, the more scales you get per day (a virtual currency on TT that I will explain.)

Cash Tasks and Cash Videos:

Cash tasks are tasks you can complete whenever they are displayed for you, the more tasks you complete, the higher level you get. When you progress level, you get higher paid tasks, so this is another worthwhile area of the site. If you click on cash videos you can watch videos daily for which you get arrowheads (another virtual currency I will explain.)


There is a dragon section on Treasure Trooper where you can buy a dragon egg from cogg’s coop, you can bring up a dragon to adult, you can then fight that dragon to win virtual currencies on TT but the higher level you achieve with your dragon, you can then earn money from dragon wins. You do not need to know anything about fighting, once you enter a dragon battle it runs automatically till one dragon wins, and the owner of that dragon gets the prize. You can also sell dragons for money, Tier 1’s are worth $5 but other tiers can earn you anything up to $20, or $100 if you find a very rare dragon. This is where you use dragon scales (one of the virtual currencies I mentioned earlier.) Any dragon scales you earn elsewhere on the site can be used to buy dragon supplies from cogg’s coop.


There are 6 digsites, on all of these digsites you can earn arrowheads which can then be converted to platinum coins or scales (as discussed further down!)

Virtual currencies:

Scales: can be used to buy dragon eggs and dragon supplies, using the dragon feature you can win virtual currencies, money and also sell dragons for money

Arrowheads: You can trade 20 arrowheads for 1 scale, you can also trade 100 arrowheads for 1 platinum coin, once you have 20 platinum coins you can trade them for a $20 amazon gift card, or trade 50 platinum coins for a $50 visa gift card.

Platinum coins: trade them for gift cards and visa cards in trading hut
Pearls: You can trade pearls for friendship bracelets in trading hut, each friendship bracelet gives you 2 new refferals, the next two people to sign up to TT unreffered become your referrals. You can get unlimited amounts of pearl bracelets, it just relies on you having the pearls to trade! Referrals who earn on TT get you commission, therefore making you more money!

Goldcoins: They can be used either on daily slots, where you can win virtual currencies, money, or even 1 of 4 slot prizes, if you get all 4 you win $100! You can also use goldcoins for the Treasure Hunt, if you successfully complete the Treasure Hunt you get $100, be warned it is difficult but can be worth it!

There are a lot of different aspects to Treasure Trooper, but it is the best get paid to site I have found to date!

If you sign up through my referral link you will get $3 on signup –

I look forward to seeing you on Treasure Trooper, and don’t worry if this is overwhelming, there’s a lot to learn, if you sign up through my referral link then I will be able to answer any questions through Treasure Trooper referral center!