Thing’s are a-changing around here!

A 22-year-old student who procrastinates a hell of a lot, watches a lot of Netflix and likes to blog about film/music/my mental health as well as various other topics which cross my mind.

A new blog post every Monday – That’s right! Starting January 2018, I will be blogging once a week. I don’t know how long this is going to last or even if it will last a month but I’m positive for once about this blog and I actually have ideas and motivation!

Contact me by email: lifeliesandalltimecraziness@gmail.com

Social Media: Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Instagram

3 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you very much! When I started my blog, one of my few readers was a friend who I do volunteer work with who always said I was good at writing on my blog but I never believed him because it was a friend so I thought he was just saying that. It really means a lot that people like my posts!

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