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Hunting Angels Box Set Review: Conrad Jones

I bring you another book review that I am very excited to be reviewing! Today I will be reviewing my first ever box set! Yes, that’s right, you heard me!

I will be talking about two books in a box set: Dark Angel & A Child For The Devil. If you like supernatural reads, then this is one for you!

Less than a paragraph in, I can already find myself relating to the main character in the sense of a drunken night out which I have later regretted after the hang over it caused me but which I would still induce to have a good time.

The first person that the character in the prologue meets seems dodgy. There is something about her that straight away you get the sense that something doesn’t quite add up. Bearing in mind what the covers (above) look like, your mind begins to whirl with many different possibilities as to who she could be & what her intentions are. None of them good.

And this is correct. The author tells a story that is easy to follow but without giving too much away until you develop further into the story.

One thing I love right from the start is that the box set contains facts about disappearances that make you think about the world. You can tell that Conrad researched the area well before writing the series.

The story falls together easily & gives a real, honest insight into the way an author feels when writing a book even though it is fiction.

Through the box set, we see the sad reality that is true in the modern word: people often get judged on their looks rather than their abilities & personalities. Something I believe we need to work on changing.

Another sad reality that is present is the sad image of what was considered a mental health hospital in the past. I’m glad so much has changed in the treatment of mental health but we still have so much change to go!

I relate to the main character in the sense that I also can’t tolerate bullshit. I know when someone is lying & won’t stand for it. I once told a teacher in high school to piss off after she falsly accused me of lying then when I proved I wasn’t, she was rude to me. She never made that mistake again! However, my high school disobedience is a different story.

The story highlights how easy it would be to pin a crime on someone who didn’t do it simply based on their looks.

The scariest bit about this box set is that all the facts add up. As I am reading, I have been checking a few of the facts on the internet & they are correct. It makes you question how much fiction is actually in this book which sends a shiver down my spine.

In a way, I begin to worry as if I will now be hunted down after reading this (half jokingly.)

Even the possibility that the goth music & culture influences young people are something which is claimed by many people in this day & age, whether to believe them is another story.

This was quite a scary box set to read as so much indicated to the truth, however, it was really interesting & easy to follow.

4 out of 5 stars