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Lack Of Internet

I planned to have a blog post up since Tuesday but I’ve had no internet since Tuesday. The last time the internet went down was when Cheryl released limited edition signed copies of her last album which of course was all sold out by the time the internet was back up. This time? I was expecting an email to give me the details about the VIP upgrades for Emma Blackery. The email was getting sent out on Tuesday, and the VIP upgrades were going on sale the next day. As a result, I ended up getting a bus into university at 5.30am on Wednesday just to check my emails in case the VIP upgrade went on sale really early. LUCKILY, I managed to get my VIP upgrade by using my friends internet when it went on sale at 5pm on Wednesday BUT I could of missed out and I did everything I could to make sure this wasn’t an option.

I bet you can sense my frustration! This got me thinking how much we actually do rely on the internet after all. You don’t realise how important having internet is in your life until moments like these. Also on Tuesday, I was late to an important meeting for my new volunteering job and since it’s new I didn’t have anyone’s phone numbers. Therefore, the only option was…you guessed it: the Facebook group we were all in. Luckily, my bus had free wifi so that I could connect, let them know I was going to be late and ask which room it was being held in. A classic example of internet reliance.

Further, I could have missed out on a meet and greet with Emma Blackery because BT internet was and still is down. To continue my bad luck, I was supposed to be helping a friend with her college graded unit on Wednesday. She needs to interview people on a specific topic and I said I’d help. I have no call time, texts or internet on my phone currently so I couldn’t phone my friend to confirm the details therefore I had no idea what time I would be meeting her. Also, in order to top up my phone, I either need to go to the shop and get a voucher or I need to connect to wifi in order to do it from my phone. Do you understand my dilemma? It was nearly 9.30pm at night on Tuesday and I had just finished my dinner after a productive meeting so was not intending to leave the house again that night. It is moments like these I get envious of overnight buses in London, whereas here I need to wait till about 4/5am to get a bus. If I’d have gotten the bus back into university, I would have most likely missed the last bus home again. Damn you public transport in Scotland!

I also had plenty of emails I needed to be responding to which I was going to do but had to put on hold. I also needed to log my hours for my volunteer job and communicate with the team over Facebook not to mention communicate with countless other people all over the internet. I had also hoped to blog and update social media for my blog which is another thing I was unable to do.

Also, what do you do for entertainment when your internet is down? Stare at walls? No seriously, you take so much for granted when you have working internet and you forget that previous generations had to go about life without internet and without cell phones.

Normally at that time of night after I’d done all my work/communicating/what I need to do I would either be playing games over the internet, watching Youtube, blogging or watching Netflix. There are countless other forms of entertainment I also do, but these are normally all over the internet. I had written this blog post on a word document and aimed to post it on Wednesday. This was also delayed because of the internet being down. As I upload this blog post, I am in university using their internet. BT are supposed to be fixing my internet this afternoon and here’s hoping they do.

I also listen to most my music on spotify so therefore ended up hunting out all my CD’s of which I haven’t used for a long time due to the use of spotify.

Thanks BT internet, you’re a star.


A frustrated media student/Emma Blackery fan.

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22 thoughts on “Lack Of Internet

    1. That wouldn’t work in my house unfortunately! I only live with my Dad and he HATES board games. I remember as a kid I once tried to play monopoly with him and it lasted over a week because he’d play for half an hour, get bored then tell me we’d continue it the next day!

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      1. I tried that with a Harry Potter adult colouring book once but kept getting frustrated if I didn’t have the right shade of the colours needed aha so I guess I’d fair better with a normal one!

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  1. It always goes down at the worst moment possible! Sometimes I feel that our excitment or anxiety before an important event that requires internet is the reason for it to go down. XD

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    1. Makes sense 😄 The last time it mattered was when another of my idols Cheryl released limited signed editions of her last album. I had already missed the first chance at buying a signed copy. My friend PM’d me on FB when more were released and that’s when my internet was down – I rushed to the library as soon as possible to use their internet but by that point, they were all sold 😦 This time I was lucky I was at my friends so I used her internet to get my VIP upgrade!!


    1. Tell me about it!! Turns out the situation in my area is that the cables/etc under the ground in my area are still a really old system. So the clips that hold them in place can break/rust easily. As a result, that’s what’s causing the internet to go down apparently. It was my Dad who was here when the man came and they told him that they have begun updating the systems here to the fibre optic but it’s a slow process. Hopefully, they will upgrade my area soon then that issue will be a problem of the past!! I watched some new films I hadn’t watched yet and got 2-3 blog posts prepared. However, there were many things I had to put off until I could get internet!!


  2. It’s surprising just how much we do rely on the internet but I think planned or unplanned breaks are good. I went internet free for two weeks last year and it was so great 🙂

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    1. I agree that at times it can be good to take some time away from the internet. Unfortunately this time I had quite a lot of things I needed the internet for which I had to put off. At least I worked on the things I didn’t need the internet for!!


  3. Totally understand your frustration – hate that we often lose internet in the moments we really need it! I often wonder if it would be good for me to spend some time away, but not sure I could do it lol

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    1. I try to stay away at times but it never lasts long. Although I do find it helpful at times to take time off social media. That’s more manageable than quitting the internet altogether for a period!


  4. Ahhh lack of internet is such a bummer! My wifi has been so spotty this past week that I’ve been living at the library, practically! It’s nice to have internet, but it’s also nice to remember what else is out there.

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