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I have never been a strong lover of Perfume. Throughout my childhood and growing up I was always a tomboy. In my teenage years, my grandparents got into a habit of buying me a really nasty smelling perfume every Christmas for years on end. I, of course, pretended to like it as I didn’t want to upset them. It would then go into the back of the wardrobe to be forgotten about never to be seen again.

I don’t know if them buying me the perfumes was a last ditch attempt at trying to get me to act more girly but it didn’t work. It wasn’t until my later teenage years when I began to like girly things all of my own accord. I was never going to be persuaded to act a certain way by anyone, family or not.

Perhaps it was the awful perfume from my grandparents that put me off perfume for life but even today I don’t tend to use perfume. However, I do make the rare exception when it comes to Kylie Minogue and Cheryl.

If you don’t know, I am a MASSIVE fan of both Kylie and Cheryl. My aunt gave me two Kylie perfumes when I was younger that I didn’t use, but once I actually became a fan of her I began to use them and liked the scents.

The same can be said about Cheryl when she released each of her three perfumes I, of course, had to buy them. I even donated £100 to her charity as part of a competition once to get a signed bottle of her perfume. It may seem mad but I have a strong support for my role models/idols/inspirations and firmly believed in what she was doing with her charity. That and the fact I loved the scents.

Apart from this, I have never really been a perfume person, I just see it as a waste of money if I am brutally honest. I will continue to use my Kylie and Cheryl perfumes and will probably re-purchase when I run out. However, I won’t pursue the interest in buying other perfumes as I am a student without much money and don’t think it is something I can justify spending my money on.

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Picture credit: Cheryl promotional material for her perfume range

7 thoughts on “Perfume

  1. I used to be obsessed with Kylie perfumes, I have the pink one repeatedly from about 13 until I was 18 haha! I haven’t sniffed the Cheryl one yet so very intrigued! x

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    1. I have the Darling and Sexy Darling by Kylie currently. Thing was, in my young teenage years when I was given both those perfumes I never used them but now I do! And, I originally only bought the Cheryl perfumes because I was a fan and liking the scents was the second reason. She has 3 different ones and my favourite is probably Stormflower Noir that is in a black bottle with goldish box.


    1. Very true point. Personally I think perfume in general is a waste of money and a lot of the new stuff that comes out smells horrible. I will use Kylie & Cheryl branded perfumes because I am a fan of them but I love the scents as well. Apart from this, its a thing I’ve just never had an interest in. I’m a student without much money from month to month so there are other things I feel are more worth my money.


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