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My Thoughts On Grammar

Today I thought I would write a blog post on my thoughts on grammar. Quite simply: I HATE it. Grammar is the worst thing I have ever tried to do. I remember when I first noticed that I had an issue with grammar: when it got to my higher English at the high school and I failed every close reading test apart from the main exam.

Roll on when it came to yearbook profile writing time – yeah I struggled with my grammar then also. I remember once I finished my profile, I ran it by two teachers before submitting it because I wanted to make sure everything was okay. These two teachers proceeded to correct all my grammar on my profile to the point there were that many corrections, it was no longer technically a profile written by myself. To top that off the woman in charge decided mine was too long, edited and changed it all herself and expected it to be okay instead of asking me to change it. So it wasn’t really my profile in the end. I even couldn’t decide which picture I wanted to be put in the yearbook out of the professional ones taken that year so I told my teacher the few I liked and made her choose the best one. Anyway, I digress. Now, what was I talking about? Just kidding!

It’s no secret that I struggle with grammar. I even started to struggle with it in college. You wouldn’t expect to be tested on grammar in a media and communications course. I do have the most basic grasp of grammar but anything more than basic goes out the window with me!

Next, you won’t be surprised that in the first year of my HND media, I had a class where there were three outcomes which all tested us on grammar which I failed. I failed ALL three of the major outcome about two times. Normally when you fail an assessment, your lecturer gives you tips/extra support in order to help you improve the next time. Not this time. Instead, my lecturer just said “read the notes again” – these were the notes I didn’t understand in any way – so not much help. If it wasn’t for another few lecturers, I might not have gotten into my university course because of something so stupid.

When I went into my second year of my HND I found out that grammar would be tested on in our journalism class. I then spoke to my lecturer and informed her that I had always been bad at grammar and was worried this would bring my marks down significantly. The lovely person that she is said she wouldn’t be too strict on my grammar.

You may already know I am a GCU media student, but what you don’t know is that journalism is the MAIN sector within media that I would NEVER like to pursue. I think this is a lasting opinion and can’t see myself changing my mind on this later in life – I may be surprised though!

There are a few reasons for this (not in order): 1) I know from research that a lot of journalists actually can loose their job if they don’t get a story by the end of the same day it was set. 2) If you haven’t guessed yet, I not only hate grammar but I am really bad at grammar. 3) I wouldn’t want to be pressured into being one of those “gossip” papers that spout crap about celebrities.

I have friends who are journalists that write news articles and I totally respect them for this but I don’t feel it is something I could do. Yesterday I discovered an online grammar checker/corrector that you add to your browser as an extension which will then identify and let you correct your grammar anywhere on the web. This is called Grammarly. They have both a website and an app available as a chrome extension, windows app and for Microsoft office.

I would highly recommend installing this extension on chrome if you use chrome or the windows or Microsoft extensions ESPECIALLY if you are like me and struggle with grammar. Despite only discovering the chrome extension yesterday, it has already become a godsend to me and helps me keep my grammar on top form. You can look forward to better grammar in my blogs from now on!

If you wonder why someone who is bad at grammar writes a blog and wants to write her own book, I can’t exactly answer you on this! I just love to write despite the awful grammar, I suppose it may be because writing allows me to vent out my feelings and get things off my chest.

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