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Top 10 Things I Learnt From The Media Industry

  1. You can send emails at weekends and evenings – you will often get replies at these times!

  2. If you want to work in media, you have to be willing to travel.

  3. A driving licence is preferred for a lot of media roles.

  4. You have to be flexible and willing to work at awkward times sometimes.

  5. It isn’t always about WHAT you know, more often WHO you know – word of mouth is a huge help in getting work experience.

  6. Take EVERY opportunity even if it’s not the area you are interested in, the media industry is VERY competitive so any experience will stand out.

  7. Even experience such as working in a shop or with children will be appropriate on a CV – It shows you have people skills and communication skills.

  8. ALWAYS carry a notebook EVERYWHERE you go! This is a big one, you never know when you will need to write this down

  9. Sometimes it pays off to do a google search and then email random companies in your area asking if they are offering work experience. You never know when something will come up!

  10. How to persist. More often than not, you will need to send multiple emails before you get a response – the media industry is a busy place with LOTS of emails for people to get through!

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