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Storytime: Roasting The Past

This wasn’t a blog post I was expecting to write anytime soon or in fact, ever. Today I found out that I have an old Twitter account which I had completely forgotten about. This is an account I started back in 2010 and the last time I posted on it was 2011.

The positive about this story? It gave me a topic idea to help fill out the rest of BEDA (Blog Every Day April.) Face it, this is the only positive.

The old Twitter account is a classic example of past social media embarrassment: one you look back on and cringe just thinking about.

Roasting past Emma:


Firstly. What was this supposed to be for a profile picture? Since when did people get their friend to take a picture of them with a lolly stick sticking out their mouth and their thumbs up? This is definitely not cool.

I know exactly which friends bedroom this was taken in simply by the Jedward posters: remember when Jedward were a thing? Me neither. (Burns that Jedward album hidden away at home from back when I thought they were good singers)

I’ve learned a few things from re-discovering this account: 1) I used to be incredibly vain 2) My main goal on Twitter was once to post over 1000 tweets, so I literally just spammed numbers in all my tweets 3) I’ve been a fan of Amanda Holden longer than I thought.

Another thing I need to roast about past Emma: Literally all you posted most the time on Twitter was those “get more followers links” – what was the point in even creating Twitter, like really?

Also, why in the few actual tweets you posted, WHY are most of them seen as translated from a different language when you don’t know any other language? Was the account hacked or something?

I am reminded of that stage in my life where I constantly listened to that cringy music that is dreadfully awful but you listen because its catchy. I therefore re-discovered a song I had forgotten about which will now probably drive me insane. Thanks past Emma for ruining my life.

One thing has remained the same: Back then I often tweeted song lyrics. I still tweet song lyrics. Music is embedded in my soul and is a part of me that has helped me get through a lot of painful moments in my life and shaped who I now am as a person.

Past Emma: I’m surprised you had any friends at all back then, you were even more annoying and vain than you are now.

This blog post sums up my life: embarrassed by past me so shares all about past me including the pictures online. I am a glutton for punishment. I would like to be able to direct you to where you can laugh at my past but I have since deleted the Twitter for obvious reasons.

What is your most embarrassing social media moment from the past?

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This blog post is part of BEDA (Blog Every Day April.)

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