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Campus Society: Blogger Welcome Pack

Today I will be talking about a wonderful site called Campus Society.

Campus Society is a networking website specifically for students where you can connect effortlessly with other students and collaborate for teams, societies, and groups.

The way in which Campus Society works is that it has a series of channels where each channel focuses on a different thing, a bit like groups on Facebook. You can have all sorts of channels ranging from Harry Potter to blogging: basically a wide range of topics and interests. You can even create your own channels.

Campus Society have a dedicated blogging network, with bloggers who set up their own channels. Campus Society gives us bloggers a perfect opportunity to grow and develop our blog.

Campus Society has given me more confidence when it comes to blogging thanks to the feedback I’ve received through posts I have shared on my dedicated blogging channel there.

I want to thank the Campus Society team for making me feel so welcome and everything they continue to do. Without further ado, I received a blogger welcome pack to welcome me to the blogging team. Here is what I received:



With the Campus Society blogger welcome pack came perfectly useful things. The campus society canvas bag? Why, of course that comes in handy for carrying those library books about that I always end up carrying.

Secondly, an artist always has use for pencils. If not at that moment, they will still come in useful. Thirdly, I am always in dire need of those small wallets for storing cards in. It is as if Campus Society knew that my favourite Harry Potter wallet had just fell apart so I was in need of a new one.

My favourite thing from my pack was of course the “Blogs Start Here” notebook. I am one of those people who always comes up with my best ideas or good ideas when I am busy or otherwise pre-occupied. I would be in a lecture and suddenly I would have a thought for my blog. The size also comes in handy for carrying about easily.

Finally, I love the simplicity of the tshirt which stands for “Best on Campus.” Overall I would recommend you to join Campus Society if you are a student as it is a great resource for connecting with other students around the world as well as getting help with coursework/helping others.

Perhaps I will see you about? My Campus Society channel can be found here: Campus Society Channel

Find me on social media here: Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Instagram ~ Google Plus

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