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The Returned: Netflix Original Review

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Okay, yes, I spend way too much time on Netflix when I should be working on Uni assignments, but it will get done eventually!

When I read the blurb of this TV show I knew it was definitely one that I couldn’t miss.

One of the first things I noticed about this series which I absolutely love is that Mark Pellegrino is cast as Camille’s father. I first saw Mark as Lucifer in Supernatural and fell in love with the actor. I love being able to see him in a different role and I still think his acting is superb.

The Returned has a dark sense of story and plot that only gets darker but it grows on you as the series goes on. I felt myself begin to feel emotionally involved with the characters as if I had known them for years through the clever portrayal of their stories.

I love how each episode shows the story of a different character rather than focusing on the same character and that character’s point of view.

As the story develops, the plot gets more and more sinister from Lena getting ill with the same marks on her back from when Camille died to Adam being the one to find Lena when she runs off from Camille. At this moment it looks like he will attack her and we can’t be clear of his intentions.

One thing is for sure: It may seem amazing to get a dead loved one back but it will always come with consequences no matter what.

This show brings around the realisation that it is not natural for people to come back once they are dead and if they do come back they will be a changed person. Many of us have a loved one we would do anything to have back but what would happen if they came back a different person?

The show makes you realise that perhaps it is a good thing there isn’t a way to bring back the deceased as it can cause catastrophic consequences for those whom the dead person comes back to.

Another thing this show teaches viewers is to be careful what you wish for. Lucy pretended she could communicate with the dead in order to con money out of Jack, and then when she wakes up in the hospital, she can.

Highlighted is the brutal reality of what an un-timed, unexpected death can do to a person and a family and how it can make those left behind perceive life in a different way. It must be difficult adapting and containing the feelings once Jack & Claire get their daughter back seeing as they had already mourned her loss.

The Returned makes you realise how lucky you are to be alive, healthy and have a loving family as some people do not have that and an unexpected death can ruin lives.

Every time someone from the dead is brought back, they cause harm to those still alive. Even if they don’t cause harm, they cause a black cloud to follow their loved ones until something bad happens.

Every time someone returns from the dead, another person seems to die. The Returned shows that you can’t escape the natural order of life otherwise things will begin to turn bad.

The plot entices you in & throws unexpected twists into the plot to keep the viewer intrigued and interested. Rising from the dead will always come with a consequence in The Returned.

The ending was timed perfectly, just the way I feel a season should end. It left you itching for more. One thing I will say now, when you search for The Returned on Netflix you will find three different options. This one which is the Netflix original, then there’s a second tv show of The Returned with two seasons instead of one then there is a film.

I couldn’t tell you if this remake is better than the older tv show, but I did really enjoy this although I did feel there was something missing, I’m not quite sure what.

If you’ve seen this, what was your thoughts on the show? If you’ve seen both this and the older tv show, which is better and why?


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