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Pausing The Pace


In life it can be common to often jump onto the next thing, move onto the next without exactly stopping to think about the present. Life can go really fast in the quickest moment so it is good to pause, take a step back and try and consider your life from a different angle or perspective.

If you always view life from the one perspective then this can lead you to perhaps treating certain people unfairly or not fully understanding those around you. In primary school and then high school, they drum into you the fact that you need to pass your exams, go to college/university then get a job.

Schools expect you to have your whole career goals planned out from such a young age. When I was in my last year of high school, I wanted to become a nursery teacher. Only when I didn’t get in to my chosen course did I pick my backup which was media. These days I could never imagine being a teacher and see my future career as something within media.

With the constant pressure in schools to have your career perfectly planned from a young age, it can be easy to forget to live in the moment and to just seek the next thing without really thinking about the present.

When life gets busy or you are feeling a little low, perhaps take a step back, slack on some of those responsibilities and allow yourself to find your bearings and regain your motivation to do the things in which you love.

Just because you might not be the most career driven, doesn’t mean you don’t have a bright future ahead of you. If you get a little unwell, or take some time out for yourself or a holiday, this is a good thing. Perhaps it may but your goals back a notch but in the long run it will set you up for better things and help you manage your life in order to become a success in the future.

Pausing the pace of your life allows you to savor the most important memories and feelings in order to keep yourself happy. Pausing when things get tough allows you to learn from your mistakes and work out your issues at your own pace.

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What do you do when you feel like your life is going by in a blur that you don’t have time to process?

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3 thoughts on “Pausing The Pace

    1. Yes, I’ll admit it can be difficult to realise when your life is going too fast sometimes or when you need to slow down things because you are always working. Like I organised a big event last year and we barely stopped for breath for like the last 3 months and after the event we realised we’d been non-stop and had to pause and take a step back. I also find that sometimes life can get overwhelming and I will start to lose myself as a person or I will begin hating myself so will then have to step back to figure out my life all over again.

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