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Always Later, Procrastinating At It’s Finest

Later, my response to nearly everything that involves actually getting shit done. Always later.

As I write this blog post, I am procrastinating uni work that still needs to be completed before I finish at the end of April. For example: That student led seminar I have next Thursday? Well I told the person I am working with that I would have something prepped for Friday. It is now Saturday night and I haven’t even started prepping for it yet with the intention of spending all day tomorrow on it but in likely reality I won’t wake up till late afternoon and will likely set it back another day, only to keep doing this until it ends up being rushed at last minute.

That day my Dad asked me to type up and print off his CV for him? Yep, I’ve still not done it. It’s not that I don’t want to help my Dad out, its just I suck at life, I suck at prioritizing things and I suck at getting things done until last minute.

That formal assessment I sat in a computer lab 2 weeks ago on statistics? Well, last time I studied statistics I was in my 5th year of high school, therefore that was 4-5 years ago. Guess when I did all my studying for that assignment? Yep, the last hour before I sat it despite missing most the classes in prep for it. I still got 60% for it, so that’s a solid pass, so my logic is its great as long as I passed. Perhaps I need to change that outlook on life.

Before I finish uni for summer at the end of this month, I have a research proposal to submit for my dissertation next year, two essays to do, over eight blog posts that must include references and countless other things to do. What am I doing right now? Writing this blog post with the intention to either watch a new Netflix show or Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them straight after.

Why do I procrastinate so much? I don’t think I even have an answer to that question. It’s just a bad habit I picked up and hung onto. I remember in my early high school years I used to be a perfect student, I was terrified of getting into trouble and I ALWAYS without fail did my homework and handed it in on time. When I got to my 4th year of high school, I started talking back to teachers and sticking my middle finger up at them behind their backs. By the time I got to my last year of school, I was carrying on with the teachers I liked, avoiding those I didn’t like and putting all my time and effort into charity events because I hated school so much. As a person I evolved.

At college when things got heated with the event I was organising, me and the other two girls ended up getting loads of extensions for basically every class since the event was close. I guess perhaps that got me accustomed to not handing work in on time. Now at university, I have had extensions for a lot of assignments due to not being very well and even the ones I handed in on time were rushed to the last minute.

I am terrible at prioritising things and getting them done on time to the point that I even end up re-scheduling blog posts for days later than intended. I don’t set out to procrastinate but it tends to just happen, it follows me around like a black cloud.

Even when it comes to applying for a job/work experience I procrastinate yet again and end up applying much later than I set out to, or else I don’t end up applying at all because I miss the deadline. For example: I heard about an opportunity to get experience with a PR company a couple weeks ago where the woman was visiting my uni. I slept in that day and missed the slot she was in the uni and then left it too long to email her despite the fact that public relations is an industry I am interested in.

No matter what I do, even if its something I am excited about, or something I know I will enjoy or will be good for me, I end up procrastinating which in some cases causes me to miss out on that opportunity.

How much do you procrastinate? What are your tips to spend less time procrastinating? What are your tips for getting things done? 

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4 thoughts on “Always Later, Procrastinating At It’s Finest

  1. Ok here’s my Mum advice for you; Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination becomes the norm and as you said can make you miss out. I find writing lists of what I have to do, ( no matter how small the task) and then crossing them off when accomplished gives you a great sense of satisfaction and can help change your ways.
    That said there are some awesome shows on Netflix ( have you seen Staranger things?) and Fantastic beasts and where to find them is a great movie 😃😃😃😃😃

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    1. Thanks very much for the advice! I will definitely try this as my procrastination is starting to get out of control! For example, I’ve had 6 blog posts where I need to reference for uni which should of been done in February, need to get to it! And, I started to watch stranger things but never got around to finishing it, I mean to go back to it! Recently I’ve watched The Returned & The new A Series of Unfortunate Events.


  2. I feel for you, Emma. It pains me to read this problem you have. I’ve been there myself, and I do see very clearly why it is like that for you. It’s a common pattern underneath, so you’re not alone.

    First of all, you’ve been conditioned to believe that your self-worth is tied to your abilities and your performance. Meaning, if you do amazingl, you feel good about yourself. If you perform less than perfect, you feel worthless. It’s apparent in the way you describe yourself.

    Why is perfectionism so dangerous to your self-esteem? Because it tells you that 1: You have to perform flawlessly (like in your high school years) and 2: You have to perform on that level even if you’re a beginner. These are vicious conditions.

    What’s better?

    1. Loving yourself, unconditionally. Meaning you can fail as much as you want and STILL love yourself.
    2. Accept that no human being is perfect or can be. Not you, not me, not your role models.
    3. You CAN grow. You CAN get better. You ARE allowed to fail. In fact, failure is the best way to succeed, because you learn a shit ton from it. You are STILL worthy of love, especially from yourself.
    4. Give yourself permission to say good things about yourself. The strongest form of validation you can ever have is the one that comes from Emma Shearer herself. Criticism withers. Praise Builds. Build yourself, Emma! You are enough. Tattoo that on your mind and heart. Go hard with it.
    5. I dare you to strongly adopt the growth mindset. It WILL turn that black cloud into rainbows. I promise you.

    Much Love,

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