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Bidvine – Stress Management Coaching


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Bidvine but all views are my own.

Have you ever been in search of a service but can’t quite find a decent one for what you are looking for?

This is where Bidvine comes in handy. Bidvine is a service you can visit at Bidvine or through their mobile app. This is a handy service which allows you to search for whatever service you are in need of and then get custom bids from local professionals.


There are many different services ranging from photographers to plumbers to learning to play guitar to even stress management coaching. No more wondering if your chosen service provider is properly trained and qualified to do the job!

Today I will be focusing on the service of Stress Management Coaching. I chose to focus on this service specifically because I am one of those people who is very likely to get incredibly stressed when I am under pressure at university or various other aspects of my life.

Just last year when things got busy with my event I became really stressed to the point I had so much to organise I would forget to eat lunch and had to be reminded to do this by my guidance lecturer.

Recently, I had to let people down and post certain blog posts a bit later and also cancel other plans because I became unwell and at the same time had a large amount of university coursework to work on!

Before I found out about Bidvine, I didn’t even know that Stress Management Coaching was a service which you could specifically search for online, I had heard of counselling but that was about it.

Bidvine makes it so easy, all you have to do is use the search box at the top of the website for the service, enter your postcode and click submit.

Stress is something that we all face at least once in our life when pressures build up so it is useful to know how to manage this.


You then follow a series of steps that allow you to customize the service to suit yourself. You get the option to choose how often you want the service, what days of the week you are available and even the gender you would prefer your coach to be.

Bidvine asks you questions specific to the type of service which YOU are looking for in order to find you the best possible fit to your needs.


Once you have finished personalising the service, all you have to do is create an account and you will then receive custom bids from professional stress management coaches.


I would definitely recommend Bidvine to people with a busy lifestyle who wish to find the perfect professional be it a wedding photographer, plumber or stress management coach. Bidvine has a wide variety of different types of services so there is sure to be something for everyone with available service providers right across the UK!

Bidvine makes it easier to narrow down the search to find the provider right for you.

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