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Kalms Live Life Ready Anxiety Campaign

Anxiety can affect anyone, it is something that affects me on a regular basis to the point it can even change my daily behaviour at times. I took part in the Kalms #livelifeready campaign which required me to track my anxiety over a week and think about steps in which I can overcome this anxiety.

Tuesday 28th February:

Today I ended up running late and arriving at university 15-20 minutes late. I got really anxious, agitated and worked up at the thought of having to walk into a class late to the point I didn’t end up going to that specific lecture as the anxiety got too high.

Also, every time I get a new email to do with my blog, I get a burst of anxiety where I automatically assume/think it is going to be saying something bad when in actual reality the people emailing me are never saying something bad, its just a sense I get. Even when I get emails from my university lecturers I get a lot of anxiety to read the emails incase it is something negative especially around the times I am due marks back from certain assignments. Today I decided to set aside just five minutes to responding to emails in the hope that doing a little bit at a time would help calm my anxiety and mean that I would have less daunting emails waiting for me.

Wednesday 1st March:

Today I was supposed to go into university for pretty much a full, busy day but I woke up with a splitting headache and generally not feeling very well so I took the day off. I got some more sleep but it was constantly interrupted and I kept waking up until I decided at 1pm to get up since I was waking up that often. When I decided to get up, I was worried and anxious that my Dad would think I had pretended to be ill so I wouldn’t have to go into uni as my Dad used to always think that when I stayed off ill but luckily he didn’t, he knew I wasn’t feeling well.

Thursday 2nd March:

Today I felt anxious at the end of a seminar class I had because I was yet to be given a topic/week for my student led seminar seeing as the lecturer wasn’t getting a reply from the other girl who supposedly didn’t have a topic. At the end of the class it turned out there was another student who also didn’t have a topic but I felt anxious waiting to find a moment to but in since my lecturer wasn’t aware I was still there/in the class that day! I gave myself a moment to breathe slowly till I alerted my lecturer of my presence and then butted in without thinking before I could give myself a chance to get even more anxious.

Friday 3rd March:

Today my anxiety hit me when I arrived at Uni and I bumped into someone I know from a society as this is someone I don’t know very well yet. I felt anxious talking to them because of this and wasn’t sure if it was them at first or not. In order to overcome this anxiety, I said hi and then luckily the person started speaking to me and I knew it was them.

I also felt anxious when it was time to go to my radio show. My bus was running late, therefore I ended up slightly late to my radio show which made me really anxious. To tackle this, I contacted the person I do my show with to alert them that I was running late so they were aware which made me a little less anxious about how they’d react.

Saturday 4th March:

I go to a regular art class each Saturday but this Saturday was different. A woman was coming from a company who’s doing a project based on people under-represented in the media whom I might be taking part in the project. I got a picture taken and interviewed and at first I had a lot of anxiety as I had only met her one time previously. I forced my brain to focus on the fact that I was taking part in a worthwhile project and to treat it a little as if it was an interview, in the end my anxiety calmed by the fact that the woman was friendly and easy to chat to so I began to feel more comfortable around her.

Sunday 5th March:

Today I went to my local Lidl to get stuff for my packed lunch for tomorrow and Tuesday.

When I went to Lidl, I was paying in loose change since most the stuff I was buying was from Sainsbury’s and I had lots of change I wanted to get rid of. I hadn’t taken enough out my purse so I not only felt anxious paying in loose change but I also felt anxious getting the extra out my purse while at the till as I prefer to have all the money in my hand before I get to the till. I tried to breathe a bit slower without it being noticeable while also focusing all my attention on getting the rest of the money out of my purse and not looking at other people as this would have made me anxious wondering if I was annoying them.

Monday 6th March:

In one of my seminars, we were in a computer lab being shown how to write a literature review which is preparation for our dissertation which we will carry out next year.

The lecturer started leaning over everyone’s shoulders to see what they had written during the class which made me anxious and begin to worry about whether my work was good enough. Each time the lecturer came to look at my work, I tried to focus my full attention on what I was doing as this allowed me at points to not even notice when she was behind me which therefore made me less anxious.

When I went to my radio show today I felt anxious because I was a bit earlier than the usual time I arrive so the people doing a radio show before me had a guest in so I felt anxious not to really talk as I don’t know the presenters very well or the guest so don’t yet feel completely comfortable around the presenters even though they are younger than me. Therefore, I pretty much stayed in the green room area until it was time for my show, using my phone to distract me which helped keep me calmer.

Tuesday 7th March:

I began to feel anxious when I got on my bus and it started moving as soon as I got my ticket as I wasn’t expecting the bus to move so quickly and I hate having to climb stairs and navigate the top deck while the bus is moving in case I was to fall. To combat this, I made sure to hold onto a handrail at all times and get a seat as quickly as I could.

When I arrived at Uni I was anxious walking into my seminar class as I was about five minutes late and they had already started so I felt anxious walking in while other students were presenting their student led seminar. I couldn’t really stop some people from staring at me so I found an empty seat as quickly as I could & sat down as quietly as I could so as not to draw extra attention that would make me more anxious.

My Dad then phoned me while I was waiting at the bus stop and I was listening to music on my phone so I cancelled the call as it annoyed me because I was in the middle of a song I liked and felt anxious to answer in front of so many people. As a result I waited till I was on the bus and text him instead. The bus ended up not turning up on time so I got annoyed/anxious so ran to the train station to get the train instead. On the train I had to sit on the inside with someone I don’t know on the outside which makes me anxious in case they are getting off after me. I took out my kindle fire so I could distract myself by doing Uni work to try and calm my anxiety. Luckily the woman got off before me.

What I realised:

Through tracking my anxiety for a week, I realised that a lot of the things I got anxious about, were stupid things where the outcome turned out different to the reason I was anxious about it. I realise I need to start improving on my anxiety management.

What can be done to relieve periods of mild anxiety?

Kalms have released a product titled “Kalms Lavender One-A-Day Capsules.” This is a traditional herbal medicine containing lavender oil which provides the temporary relief of mild anxiety and is to be taken once a day.

Research has been conducted to show that the uniquely prepared  pharmaceutical quality lavender oil which is the active ingredient found only in this product can reduce the over stimulation of nerve cells therefore improving symptoms of anxiety.

Kalms Lavender 3D pack.jpg

You can purchase Kalms One-A-Day Capsules from Boots, Asda or online at Kalms Range


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