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Glossybox February Review



I’ve been ordering the Glossybox subscription box since October so this month I thought it was about time that I actually reviewed one!

First things first, I absolutely love the packaging. I love how depending on the month there may be a special box design. For example, in December it was a special design for Christmas and this month there was a special design for valentine’s day.

The boxes are smartly designed in the sense that you can keep them and reuse for other things afterwards. The boxes always arrive well packaged with a delivery box around about the box containing the product. They even come with tissue paper, ribbon and confetti to wrap the products up safely inside.

I also love the fact that there is a card which tells you what each product is as sometimes it may be difficult to tell what a specific product might be.


L’Eau de Rose perfume: The first negative point was to do with the miniature perfume that came as one of the products. It did have a wonderful scent, the only thing was: the bit that sprays the perfume had fallen off which I was lucky to be able to re-attach in order to use the product! Normally all the products arrive in better condition than this. I absolutely adore the rose like scent of this perfume however it seems a lot more watery than a lot of perfumes. This is definitely one I’d consider buying when it runs out.

On the Glossybox website it shows this product next to the box it has came in but yet this product didn’t have its own box and was lying loose in the box that all the products had came in.


Noir Eternae Youth Potion Face Scrub: I was surprised at how small the sample of this product was! When you see the packaging, you think there is a lot more than there was. It felt like I was putting grit on my face as it has that classic gritty texture. Normally products with a gritty texture irritate my skin and I hate applying them but this was different.

The product didn’t make my eyes sting like these type of products normally do and my face felt fresh and cleaner once I removed the product. I would definitely consider incorporating this into my skin care regime in the future.


Paint Pot in Iced Frappe: Normally I am not a fan of such nude shades of nail varnish but found myself loving this product. When I first put it on my nails I wasn’t so sure but then it grew on me. Although, I don’t know how it has coffee undertones as stated in the information card. It is more of a beige/pale pink/nude colour, a very sophisticated shade that would be suitable for work. The shade does look a little like a manicure shade once put on nails. Very easy to apply, although it can go everywhere but if it does, its very easy to rub away the excess with a tissue while not wiping the nail varnish on the actual nail off.


Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures Strength Restorer Balm: I apologize for the poor quality image! This is one I haven’t actually tried yet. I don’t usually use hair masks but I am eager to try this one due to the fact that I regularly use Garnier products which I find really good quality products. I have used the ultimate blends shampoo and conditioner so I guess this is a similar concept only in hair mask form but in the same group of products. I am excited to use this product, I hope it can help me avoid greasy hair as my hair can get incredibly greasy all the time even just after I’ve washed it.


Beat the Blues in Oyster Gold: Another product that I haven’t tried yet. This isn’t particularly the type of product I tend to use but I am willing to give it a go. I don’t usually find much use for this type of product but I am willing to use it and then decide if I like the product.

That is everything I received in my February Glossybox! Be sure to follow me on social media to find out first when new blog posts go live!

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