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Walking Wounded Review: Anna Franklin Osborne


First things first: before even beginning to read this book, I am already loving the fact that there is a section included which is titled “about this book” to give an insight into what the book is about. I also love the fact that the bit about the author is also right as the start as too often, I read books where the about the author section is either only added right at the end or not even added at all!

I am also a fan of books that deal with historic events, mostly the first and Second World War so the fact that the characters lived during/between the first and second world war begins to entice me into the book already.

Beginning part one, I love the fact that the date, time and country is recorded so that the reader can keep up with where and at what time everything is happening.

When Alexandra Palace is mentioned I think back to my childhood seeing as this was a place I loved to visit with my immediate family where I have many happy memories. I love the fact that not long in I am already finding ways to relate.

Already into the first part and there’s a twist with character Edie which I wasn’t expecting. I love the fact that there are fresh twists right from the beginning to keep the reader interested.

I love the fact that a lot of the places mentioned in the book are places I have either been to which I have good memories from or places that I know that weren’t far from me when growing up. First it was Alexandra Palace of which I have good childhood memories followed by Muswell Hill which I have only been to in passing in a car but is the place my Dad lived with my mum before I was born. I feel that this gives extra context and an extra was for me to relate to the characters and the story because I know these areas. More often than not, I read American books where I can’t identify with any of the places or other UK books where its places I haven’t been to. Don’t get me wrong, these books can be interesting but I feel this book adds that extra way to relate.

I found that the book flowed really easily and it wasn’t too difficult to understand what was happening. I also like the fact that the book switches between different people’s perspectives to tell the story.

I have also been to Southend and love the fact that many of the locations mentioned are places I have been or passed and places I have happy memories. It makes the story much more relate able.

I feel that the book is completely realistic in every sense of the word. In part two when it says that the boys going off to war should be back by Christmas, I recognised this as something that actually happened during the war (although I don’t know quite which war!.) I remember during one of the actual wars, the soldiers were promised to be home by Christmas but in actual fact they were away a lot longer.

I find that I can relate to almost every character in a way for example the way in which Stanley is an artist as I also enjoy drawing and painting. I like the fact we are introduced to the characters slowly but not all at once giving us time to grow with the characters and begin to understand and love them.

Overall, reading this book has made the cruel reality sink in of how bad the war really was. The book is extremely thought provoking and makes you think. It makes you realise that in this day and age, so much is taken for granted and we should be grateful for what we have.

It also opened my eyes to how bad evacuation really was. Before reading Walking Wounded, I had no idea how disrespectful people would be when taking in the evacuees. I didn’t realise how hateful some of them were and the severity of splitting families apart.

I love the fact that the family show an atmosphere of solidarity and even intake people into their homes to help in any way they can. The book seriously made me think about the world we live in and how lucky I am to have the things I have. Gripping read from start to end that filled me with various emotions over what the characters were going through. A highly recommended read and one that will make you think!

You can buy the book here: Walking Wounded Amazon

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About the Author:

I have always worked in health care, and more recently in education, and like so many other parents, hit a tiny crisis a few years ago when I felt that my purpose in life had narrowed to not an awful lot more than dashing between my two jobs and being a mummy taxi.

I managed to find time to begin singing with a choir, and that helped me feel that I might have a more creative side to myself. One evening, my husband was out and, quite suddenly, I decided to Start Writing. I immediately hit the first obstacles of terrible handwriting and a broken laptop, so my writing career began that night in bed, typing into the note section of my smart phone, with no clear idea of what I wanted to say but resulting in a severe case of RSI and several short stories over the next few nights.

My husband was delighted that I had suddenly found this passion and kept encouraging me to write a novel, which I really felt I did NOT have in me. Later that summer, however, we were walking along a D-Day beach for no other grander reason than our ferry home from France being late, and I began telling our kids about my three great-uncles who were part of that day, and my grandmother who sewed parachutes for the paratroopers jumping over Normandy. Neil looked at me and smiled and said, ‘you do actually have a story there, you know….’


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