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The Survival Pact Review: Christy Sloat


Disclaimer: I received a free ebook copy of this book in exchange for beta reading the book and also posting a review but my review is my complete honest opinion! There are also a few spoilers dotted here and there.

First things first, I really liked the way in which each acknowledgement was put onto a separate line in order to make each persons acknowledgement stand out as well as being part of the main section.

I also love the fact that at the start of each part there is a survival tip as I feel it adds personality and comedy to the characters right from the start which makes them more believable.

Before we get too far into this review I will say this: This is a book which has made me not only laugh but also cry. So, make sure you have a pack of tissues to hand just in case cause I certainly didn’t! I seriously wasn’t expecting the book to have such a big effect on me bearing in mind this is also the first book I have fully read cover to cover out of Christy’s books but I will definitely be buying some more when 1) I get paid and 2) I finally manage to get my to be read list down a little. I am one of those people that will add ten books to my reading list for every one book I read!

This is a book that answers all my questions just as I’ve thought of them. For example, in the book it said “This was a welcome difference for all three young women” at the end of the first paragraph of the prologue. This got me thinking, wondering what exactly was the difference from what they were used to. Not long after I thought of this question, it was answered!

Right from the start I am able to relate to the characters. Like Kami whose point of view it started off with is relatable for me. When she speaks of how she doesn’t like her job and only signed with a newspaper because she needed the money and agents turned her down I can relate to this. I am a media student myself and from what I have learned about the journalism sector and from what I’ve been told by people who work in the sector such as an old college lecturer I am now friends with, it sounds like a career I would absolutely hate/dread to work in. I myself prefer fiction and haven’t had a good enough idea to try and write a book but have written short fanfictions and a few short stories.

Like Kami, I hate confrontation. I find it effective that I can relate to her easily as I feel that if the characters are easy to relate to then it makes for a good read and many people can find ways to relate to them. One thing we like to do is compare our lives to characters in books when our lives seem dull so I love the fact I can relate to her.

When the book talks about Ida having cancer, I can find I can relate to this myself. I haven’t had cancer myself before but I have had a close family relative who died from cancer as well as a relative I never got to meet who also died from cancer. Upon the first description of Ida she also reminds me of my own gran, my gran says and does what she likes and says a lot of nasty stuff to her family which she never apologizes for because she thinks she’s right and it’s her way or no way. Although Ida seems nicer towards friends and family than my gran is, just the way my gran is like despite me loving her.

I love the fact that this book continues chapter by chapter. Books which stop after one chapter and then convey a new angle or talk from a different characters perspective and change like this every single chapter actually annoy me. The only book series that talks from a different perspective from chapter to chapter that doesn’t come across in an annoying way is the mortal instruments series. I tend to prefer stories which run to where they are supposed to go rather than having constant jump cuts.

I actually started crying when I read Kami’s goodbye with Ida and how she told her that her parents were never interested in how she was and I feel like that with my Dad and Dad’s parents as they are more focussed about how I’m doing at University, etc most the time or having a go at me for something. My Dad’s parents most of all, my Dad only asks how I am sometimes. I also got a lump in my throat when Kami helped Ida and feel like I know these characters.

Another thing I love throughout this story is the fact that it throws surprises that the reader doesn’t expect which keeps me hooked throughout the story. I knew that George was up to no good but wasn’t expecting to find out his intentions which were even worse than I thought. I also didn’t expect Emma to be the first one caught out considering her background in the military but I guess maybe that was intended to trick the reader? It certainly was clever, if intended or not! I also cried when Kami told Lou the truth about her helping Ida. I’m at the point I feel I’ve known these characters for a lifetime and this breaks my heart.

Even though it was upsetting and soul destroying when Kami revealed the truth to Lou, I like how it’s very realistic as everyone makes mistakes and a lot of people have regrets in life, I know I have a fair few that wear me down from time to time.

Overall, I honestly felt speechless when I had finished the book and felt like I didn’t know how to go on. Throughout reading the book, I felt so many different emotions. Before reading this book I had watched and read countless different stories about zombies and the undead but none of them compare. None of them have made me feel the vast variety of emotions I have felt throughout reading this book. This book was an amazing experience from start to end and I honestly feel that there are very few books that have made me feel this many emotions and affected me so deeply. This would be right up there with Harry Potter in the sense of the emotional connection I had while reading it and I would love to read more if this was ever extended into a series!

You can buy the book here: The Survival Pact Amazon


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