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Super Tea (Matcha Green Tea) Review

Product: Super Tea (Matcha Green Tea) by Pure Chimp

Disclosure: I received this product free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my honest views of the product.

I am a complete lover of green tea/herbal teas so was super eager to try this product when I first heard about it.

Upon receiving the product I was initially impressed with the branding and I really like that there is an actual chimp in the packaging design. I also loved the fact that 5% of all profits go to charity.

I did find the packet quite difficult to open, but that is probably a good sign as it keeps the product fresh while sealed. I also didn’t expect the product to be green in colour since I’ve found a lot of green tea’s don’t actually look green. I do like the fact it is green though as it fits in with the name “green tea” which I always wondered why most green teas weren’t green in colour.

On the back of the packet it suggested trying the green tea with hot water and honey so I initially decided to try this first. I put the green tea into the hot water before the honey and the second it hit the water, it started to fizz with bubbles fizzing up to the surface which looked really pretty. I love the way it diffused in the water, slowly turning the water green.

Secondly, I then decided to try the green tea with juice as suggested on the back of the packet. I mixed the powder with diluting vimto. When I added the powder to the vimto, it didn’t look very pleasant initially and took a long time to mix throughout the juice. Even once thoroughly mixed, there are still bits of powder floating in the juice which hasn’t mixed in well. Despite this, it tasted really nice and gave me the boost of energy which I needed to get myself through a heavy day of studying for University!

I am not very fond of the consistency of the product, it takes a long time to mix throughout any substance but despite this tastes really nice and gives a good boost of energy. I don’t like the smell of the product or the way in which some of the product seems to float at the top of the liquid you mix it with but apart from that it tastes great and gives an effective energy boost.

Recently, I ended up staying awake a whole night, over 24 hours because I am  not great at managing my time when it comes to University. I had a assignment due and didn’t judge how long it would take me! I ended up staying up the whole night the night before in order to get my assignment completed in time for a deadline which I will add was extended in the first place! Drinking the Super Tea (Matcha Green Tea) by Pure Chimp allowed me to keep energy levels up and provide a boost to my energy levels as I often have low energy even when I’ve had plenty of sleep!

I really like the fact that the product is flexible meaning that you can create your own recipes, add it to different things and discover tasty recipes along the way while boosting your energy levels and metabolism.

You can check the product out at: Pure Chimp where 5% of the profits goes to charity and delivery is free!

You can also win 100g of this Super Tea (Matcha Green Tea) by taking a photo of your #SuperTea and sharing on social media and tagging Pure Chimp’s  FacebookTwitter or Instagram! The contest is drawn monthly!

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