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Get Paid to Sites that actually work!

Welcome to the second installment in “Get Paid to Sites that actually work!”

Last time I talked about my favourite Get Paid to Site that I have ever found to date: Treasure Trooper. To read about Treasure Trooper click here:

This time around I will be talking about another Get Paid to Site that has worked for me: Swagbucks.

You can sign up here:

Swagbucks is in a sense similar to Treasure Trooper whereas you complete surveys for money. In this case, for every survey/offer you complete you get so many virtual points which are referred to as “Swagbucks.” You collect and save these points until you have enough to exchange them for gift cards. You can receive all sorts of gift cards from amazon cards to Marks and Spencer’s cards to New Look cards. One of the things that makes Swagbucks unique and different from Treasure Trooper is the fact that you can get many different gift cards and not just money. It is flexible that if you want money, you can get Paypal gift cards which can then be transferred to your bank directly!

Now onto earning on Swagbucks:


Surveys are one of the best ways of earning on Swagbucks. Under the surveys tab you have a few different type of surveys. Gold surveys are typically higher paying but have fewer available. Partner Surveys are a similar concept and have more of these available. Peanut Labs surveys tend to be shorter surveys which you can get through easily enough for a guaranteed lower amount of Swagbucks.


You can watch all sorts of videos straight from your web browser. After watching so many videos in a series you will receive so many points for watching that group of videos. There are also 6 apps available where you can watch videos daily for points. These apps are: Entertainow, Lifesylz,, indymusic, sportly tv and Swagbucks TV. These apps will allow you to gain points for every 10 videos you watch to help you increase your earning on Swagbucks when you run out of surveys.


Would you like to get paid for searching the web? Yes, you heard me right. You can even earn Swagbucks simply for just searching the internet, simple as that. If you use Swagbucks dedicated search tool then every a few searches you may find a surprise bunch of Swagbucks! Once you find Swagbucks on search you simply enter the code and receive those Swagbucks. Every once in a while (normally for special events) Swagbucks will release a limited edition amount of collector bills. These are a bunch of bills you can find in a particular time frame by searching the web, if you find all of them in the time frame you will get a bonus amount of Swagbucks!


The Discover section of Swagbucks allows you to discover special offers that you can take part in such as free trials in order to get Swagbucks. NCrave supplies you with a list of videos to watch, you only need to watch 20 seconds of each video then when you get through the full list you earn Swagbucks and can get more videos to look through.

Swag Codes:

Every few days (usually) Swagbucks will release exclusive Swag Codes on their Facebook Page, these are codes which give you Swagbucks if entered in the correct time frame onto the main Swagbucks website Swag Code box or on the Swag button. The Swag button can be downloaded to your browser which alerts you when a new code is posted and you can also carry out some of the Swagbucks activities there too.

Shop and Earn:

You can earn Swagbucks as cashback when you shop online! There are big names available where you can connect to their sites through Swagbucks, then buy as you normally would and receive Swagbucks at no extra cost to put towards your next giftcard! With big names from Curries to Argos to The Body shop – there are many sites in partnership with Swagbucks which you probably already shop with. So if you are already planning to shop at a site, why not earn giftcards from it at no extra cost to yourself?

Daily Goal:

Everyday you will have a daily goal set by Swagbucks. If you earn the said amount of Swagbucks each day you will be given a daily bonus. At the beginning of the next month you will be able to claim this bonus. By meeting your daily goal each day, you can make a fair addition from bonuses.

Team Challenges:

Every few months (usually for special holidays) there are exclusive team challenges on Swagbucks. Team challenges allow you to sign up to a random team, then in a period of usually a week, you earn as you normally would on Swagbucks. Certain tasks listed on the team challenge will give you bonus team points at no cost to you. The team with the most points at the end of the week wins. The active participants from that team then receive a bonus in Swagbucks!

I hope I have covered most of the different earning chances on Swagbucks. If you are interested in signing up for Swagbucks you can sign up here through my refferal link:

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