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Mother’s Day

Today marks that day every year that is a national day that celebrates amazing mothers everywhere. But what about those who no longer have their mothers with us? Or those that aren’t in touch with their mothers? Today may be Mother’s Day but it is a living hell for many of those who’s mother’s aren’t around for whatever reason to celebrate.

I myself haven’t heard from my mother since I was a child. I went roughly 8 years of my life feeling as if my mother didn’t give a damn about me. Then suddenly out of the blue I got a message on Facebook from my cousin on that side of the family. So while many will be celebrating their amazing mothers on this day, I will be thinking about what to say to my cousins on Facebook.

Life is hard, difficult, but this day makes it hard for those who don’t see their mum or who’s mum is no longer in this world. So for those of you who are in a similar situation, for those of you whose mother’s aren’t in this world no more, or those of you who have been hurt by your mothers in any way in the past, spend this day on you!

I suggest, spending the day with what family you do have, pamper yourself, eat good food, eat junk food, make this day for you!

Nothing can stop the pain of a loved one dying, or any pain a loved one have put you through in you’re life, but you can do something to change that today!

For myself for example, I am spending the day listening to good music, and chilling out after a few hectic weeks at college. I have just came off the phone after a conversation with my gran wishing her a happy mother’s day. Spend this day with the family you have/love and rewarding yourself.

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