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Daily Fear

So I thought I would post one of my first poems I ever wrote, please let me know what you think of it, any feedback is very much welcome:

I looked up with a quick glance,
That ever so distant stare,
Cause I was beyond now,
There was nothing I could do,

I sit and wait,
For it to begin again,
Same Shit,
Different day,

It started with the hurtful name calling,
It ended with,
Well that’s the point,
It didn’t end,
And it probably never will,

I think about all the chances I have,
I could just escape this word,
If I really wanted to,
Mum would be fine,
She has Millie,

But what about Mille,
My little baby sister,
How would my mother explain?
How would she make it alright again?

I’m too far gone,
I’m slipping away,
I’m out of my depth,
But I survive,
I keep going for Millie,

She is what makes the suffering worthwhile,
It’s all for her,
Without her I couldn’t go on,
That’s a fact,

It started with the names,
Then a single punch,
I don’t blame them,
I probably deserve it,

I used to be just like them,
Calling the shots,
Mucking up another’s life,

It changed with the new school,
It was downhill from there,
One day I will end,
I wish that was soon,
I can barely hang on much longer,
Simply just slipping away

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