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About Myself

I originally started this blog on weebly but since then I have decided I like the design/layout of WordPress a lot better since using it for a college related blog. So this is the new home of my blog!

I would like to begin by telling you a little about myself!

So I decided that I would like to do a blog but I didn’t quite know what about! This blog has actually been a long time coming and marks what is like the beginning of an Era. I thought for my first main post that I would tell you about me, because there’s nothing worse than not being able to relate to a blogger!

My name is Emma, I was born in London, now live in Glasgow. I am a 20 year old only child. At college I am studying HND Media for which I hope to eventually obtain a qualification in. Next year I plan to make the transition from college to studying at University! The career options in which I would potentially be interested in are, Radio presenting or events management.

I enjoy all forms of artwork, painting, drawing, making things out of clay, etc. I find doing art a stress reliever. I am completely crazy but also a massive fan of Kylie Minogue, Emma Blackery, Carrie Hope Fletcher, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Amanda Holden. (Lovers, Soldiers and Holdenites)

I like to lead a life of challenge and push myself to things I didn’t think possible. Last year for my graded unit I organised a charity abseil for which I raised almost £200 for a small UK based charity called CMV Action, more can be read about this amazing charity here –

This year I am lucky enough to have the chance to organise one of Scotland’s biggest awards ceremony’s for student journalists – Scottish Student Journalism Awards 2016! So far it has been a major challenge, but our team is now progressing well and I am excited to see the finished outcome/event of this project!

There is probably so much more I could say about myself but I wouldn’t know where to start! So I will leave that up to you, if you would like to know more simply comment and I shall reply!

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