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Get Paid to Sites that actually work!

So, I want to start a new element on my site. Since I am a student, I am often looking for new ways to earn online. Although, there are many scams out there! I would like to tell you about some of the legitimate get paid to sites that actually work! First and foremost, a legitimate site will NEVER ask you to pay to use it, be wary of sites that promise huge amounts of money in days or weeks, they are often scams! Also, you most likely won’t be able to live on earnings from get paid to sites alone, but the earnings can be a nice bonus to your monthly earnings!

The first site I want to talk about is the best get paid to site I have found to date. It is called Treasure Trooper and it is my favourite of the ones I have found. There are many different ways to earn on this site so I shall just list a few:

Cash Offers:

Cash Offers are where you will find offers you can complete to earn various different amounts of cash, many of these are free to complete, but some require you to purchase products or download apps, but you have total control over which offers you want to complete! I’m not going to lie, there are many more offers available to the US than other countries but that doesn’t mean you won’t find some good free offers or low paid ones. I myself am in the UK, and although there isn’t as much available to me as US, I have still got some good ones. The best free offers are daily survey cash offers, you can complete any of these surveys once a day and be rewarded, and these don’t charge you!


Under the cash surveys tab there are three different sections. 1) Survey Seeker 2) Study Storm and 3) Daily Surveys. Seekers and storms appear daily in which you can complete, the average seeker is worth either 50 cents or 75 cents each while the average storm can go from anything to 25 cents upwards. The highest paying study storm I have completed was worth about $4. You can complete unlimited amounts of survey seekers and study storms per day depending on how many are shown to you, you will not credit for every survey you are shown but you can earn a good amount here. Study Storm’s are harder to qualify for, but are worth it for the ones you do qualify for! Then there are daily surveys underneath survey seekers and study storms. There are 8 daily surveys that can be completed (this may vary per country, the US have all 8 displayed to them, while other countries don’t, I in the UK have 4 of the 8, it really does depend on country.) For whatever country you live in you will have some of them, for every daily survey you complete you get paid, most of them are worth 75 cents, while one is 50 cents and a couple $1. You can complete all of the daily surveys you get once per day, you can then build chains on all the daily surveys, the higher the chain, the more scales you get per day (a virtual currency on TT that I will explain.)

Cash Tasks and Cash Videos:

Cash tasks are tasks you can complete whenever they are displayed for you, the more tasks you complete, the higher level you get. When you progress level, you get higher paid tasks, so this is another worthwhile area of the site. If you click on cash videos you can watch videos daily for which you get arrowheads (another virtual currency I will explain.)


There is a dragon section on Treasure Trooper where you can buy a dragon egg from cogg’s coop, you can bring up a dragon to adult, you can then fight that dragon to win virtual currencies on TT but the higher level you achieve with your dragon, you can then earn money from dragon wins. You do not need to know anything about fighting, once you enter a dragon battle it runs automatically till one dragon wins, and the owner of that dragon gets the prize. You can also sell dragons for money, Tier 1’s are worth $5 but other tiers can earn you anything up to $20, or $100 if you find a very rare dragon. This is where you use dragon scales (one of the virtual currencies I mentioned earlier.) Any dragon scales you earn elsewhere on the site can be used to buy dragon supplies from cogg’s coop.


There are 6 digsites, on all of these digsites you can earn arrowheads which can then be converted to platinum coins or scales (as discussed further down!)

Virtual currencies:

Scales: can be used to buy dragon eggs and dragon supplies, using the dragon feature you can win virtual currencies, money and also sell dragons for money

Arrowheads: You can trade 20 arrowheads for 1 scale, you can also trade 100 arrowheads for 1 platinum coin, once you have 20 platinum coins you can trade them for a $20 amazon gift card, or trade 50 platinum coins for a $50 visa gift card.

Platinum coins: trade them for gift cards and visa cards in trading hut
Pearls: You can trade pearls for friendship bracelets in trading hut, each friendship bracelet gives you 2 new refferals, the next two people to sign up to TT unreffered become your referrals. You can get unlimited amounts of pearl bracelets, it just relies on you having the pearls to trade! Referrals who earn on TT get you commission, therefore making you more money!

Goldcoins: They can be used either on daily slots, where you can win virtual currencies, money, or even 1 of 4 slot prizes, if you get all 4 you win $100! You can also use goldcoins for the Treasure Hunt, if you successfully complete the Treasure Hunt you get $100, be warned it is difficult but can be worth it!

There are a lot of different aspects to Treasure Trooper, but it is the best get paid to site I have found to date!

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I look forward to seeing you on Treasure Trooper, and don’t worry if this is overwhelming, there’s a lot to learn, if you sign up through my referral link then I will be able to answer any questions through Treasure Trooper referral center!